Rapoon “Cultural Falsifications” Digipack CD + Digital

Released on June 25th, 2021, Rapoon’s newest album “Cultural Falsifications” takes listeners on yet another mind-expanding audio-visual journey. The album is an intricate and mesmerizing fusion of ambient, ethnic, and minimalistic sounds that delve deep into the realms of cultural influence and social commentary.

As one of the pioneers in the field of ambient music, Robin Storey, aka Rapoon, has amassed an extensive discography of over 50 albums showcasing his unique auditory vision. This latest creation adds a significant statement to his oeuvre, displaying a maturity as an artist who isn’t afraid to explore contemporary themes and topics.

“Cultural Falsifications” is available both as a digipack CD and in digital format. This makes it accessible for fans of physical copies and those who prefer streaming or downloading their music. The inclusion of both formats reflects the forward-thinking mindset of Rapoon and ensures that all audience members can enjoy this latest offering.

The digipack CD version not only features ten incredible tracks but also includes stunning artwork by Maciej Mehring, perfectly capturing the essence and atmosphere of ‘Cultural Falsifications’. It’s evident that considerable thought has gone into every aspect of this release, from the music itself to its visual representations.

From the opening moments on the first track “Before I Cross,” listeners are transported to a different world with ethereal sounds and haunting voices evoking sensations of spirituality and mysticism. With influences ranging from tribal percussion and worldly rhythms to otherworldly ambient elements, each track unravels another layer of emotional depth immersed within social commentary.

One standout track on this album is “Eyes Open – Mouth Closed,” which expertly demonstrates Rapoon’s exploration into less-traveled musical territories. It features a haunting vocalization loop coupled with subtle electronic beats and delicate minimalist melodies that truly immerse you in Robin Storey’s creative genius.

Throughout “Cultural Falsifications,” we witness Rapoon expertly exploring themes such as political manipulation, cultural appropriation, and misinformation across society. These themes give depth to the sonic landscape he crafts within each track.

In true Rapoon style, though the messages may seem bleak at times, there is always a sliver of hope—a light amidst darkness—which is graciously offered through soothing melodies or abstract soundscapes.

Overall, “Cultural Falsifications” truly showcases the talent and vision of Rapoon as an artist. An extraordinary blend of ambient ethno-electronic audio art, this latest offering will no doubt solidify his position as one of ambient music’s most celebrated innovators. With its thought-provoking themes matched by its captivating sonic manipulations, “Cultural Falsifications” is sure to become an essential fixture within any fan’s collection—and should not be missed by those who appreciate ambient music infused with genuine depth and substance.