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Flanked By Women and Pumpkins

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1. Electric Rain on Adams Bridge
2. Telepathic Rain Race
3. Inner Ear Echo Imbalance
4. Volker Goes to Spain
(Featuring EHEIM 1000.220 & PAS)
5. Electron Accelerator
6. Vacationing Beat
7. Incredible Day For Natives
(Michael Durek samples a improv jam with Philippe Petit)
8. It is Is it?
9. Sonic Sleighride Through Coalmines
10. Horror Noir on a Sunny Day
11. The Search For Stickgirl
12. The Dramatic Exit

Thanks to Meg Barron for the CD title.
Thanks to Volker Hartmann-Langenfelder (EHEIM 1000.220) for the
collaboration on "Volker Goes to Spain".

PAS were Amber Brien, Michael Durek,
Jon Worthley, Robert L. Pepper.
Artwork by Patrick Glassel
Produced and Mastered by Robert L. Pepper

PAS are back with a new full length CD, 'Flanked By Women
and Pumpkins' (ALRN031). These 12 new, textured and experimental
audio collages were developed during the year 2011 and are
now finalized in cd form.

'Flanked By Women and Pumpkins' (ALRN031) was formed and influenced
by PAS's April/May 2011 tour, which included their performances at
the CoCArt Music Festival in Torun, Poland.

Taking a more personal approach, field recordings (the sound of
school children and animals) are now more frequent in this
release. These recordings, act as an additive texture,
enhancing a variety of multilayered and electroacoustic sounds.

Adding to this engulfing, aural journey, 'Flanked By Women and
Pumpkins' (ALRN031) includes a spur of the moment improv jam
with Philippe Petit (recorded at HATI’s studio in Poland) as
well as a collaborative track titled 'Volker Goes to Spain'
with EHEIM 1000.220.

Copyright 2012 PAS
Production 2012 PAS and Alrealon Musique

PAS presents "The Search For Stick Girl" from PAS Music on Vimeo.



"...American group PAS (Amber Brien, Michael Durek, Jon Worthely and Robert L.
Pepper) have been around for some time and while on tour in Poland last year
they worked on new material. No instruments are mentioned on the cover, but I
think we could safely say they use a fair amount of traditional instruments,
such as guitars, bass, various wind instruments, keyboards, percussion, but also
samples, field recordings and such like... PAS however never forgets to be a
group, playing together, which makes this quite an interesting release.
Soundscuplting, band like structure, improvisation, studio techniques,
collage/montage, and yet still operating within what I still like to
consider a 'song'"
Vital Weekly
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"More progressive experimental sound compositions from Robert Pepper's PAS.
Robert is a prolific guy... releasing what seems to be a non-stop succession
of odd noise collage-type recordings. On these recordings PAS was comprised
of Amber Brien, Michael Durek, Jon Worthley, and Pepper (of course). This
beautifully packaged album (glossy tri-fold cardboard sleeve with cool
artwork) features twelve tracks, all of which are decidedly abstract
and non-commercial. Interestingly, track seven ("Incredible Day For
Natives") was taken from an improvisational jam with underground icon
Philipe Petit. This kinda stuff isn't for everyone, nor does it try
to be. Should appeal to fans of abstract progressive and modern
classical music..."
Baby Sue
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"Robert L. Pepper and the rest of New York's PAS crew are back in town
with a new collection of their 'electroacoustic soundscapes'... If you
subscribe to "The Wire", this should appeal to you! Otherwise, if you’re
ready to step outside your comfort zone, I’d suggest going to PAS’
facebook page, where you can really see and hear the full range of
their activities, sonic, visual and otherwise.
Den Browne / Mudkiss
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"In this electroacoustic proposal there are tracks that have structured
song like 'Rain Telepathic Race' and 'It is. Is it?', but most of the album
is based on improvisation and overwhelming dark atmospheres,
keeping the listener expectant to the unexpected sounds.
Guillermo Escudero / Loop
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