Alrealon Musique -

Philippe Petit

10-inch Vinyl/Digital - Release date: May 28, 2012
Europe / UK:
11 euros (+ 4 euros shipping)

USA / Rest of The World:
13 dollars (+ 6 dollars shipping)


Philippe Petit: processed acoustics/field
recordings + electronics + turntables &
glass manipulations + keys

A1. an air of intrigue
Bela Emerson: cello
Alexander Bruck: viola-strohviolin

A2. clapoutique
Helen Money: cello
Els Vandeweyer: vibraphone
Monty Adkins: concrete soundscapes
Reinhold Friedl : prepaired piano
Hervé Vincenti: oscillatin'bass/guitar

A3. Pyramid of The Moon
Jenny Hames: violin
Paul J. Rogers: guitar-melodica-broken zither

B. Magma From The Aquarium
philippe petit: amplified cymbalom + electric psalterion + electronics + kazooed-voices
eugenie petit--ginoux: voices

ART by Eugénie Petit--Ginoux with Nathalie Ginoux

Internationally acclaimed French sound-artist Philippe Petit, the self-described,
"musical travel agent" in conjunction with French/Swiss label Alrealon Musique,
announce the release of 'Eugenie'. Comprising four stellar tracks of avant-garde/
classical/soundtrack and released as a 10-inch vinyl record and digital. This
stunning piece of musical modern art entitled 'Eugenie' (ALRN029/ALRN-VL002)
will be available on May 28, 2012.

Philippe Petit describes 'Eugenie' as "a cinematic adventure, where luscious string
arrangements convey a whole world of emotion and the organic sound of the
instruments is never overshadowed by the machines. The EP came to mind with
the birth of my daughter Eugenie who is now 4 and its' artwork was made by
her under the guidance of her mother."

Copyright 2012 Philippe Petit
Production 2012 Alrealon Musique